Glazing Materials

Glazing Materials

Solid Polycarbonate Sheets


These high quality, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheets can be hit hard with a hammer without smashing and are perfect for almost all plastic glazing applications

This product also comes with a 10 year guarantee against external yellowing from UV exposure and has excellent clarity and fire rating. Solid Polycarbonate sheets are usually the answer when vandalism is a problem, due to them being approximately 250 times stronger than glass


Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets


These corrugated polycarbonate sheets are ideal for use where glazing, roofing or cladding are concerned and are commonly used for green houses, porches, canopies and various other covered areas. This extremely cost-effective product offers superior strength, excellent clarity and unrivalled weathering characteristics, resulting in a longer life span of an estimated 25 years. This sheet, which allows high visibility and light transmission, also has a UV protection layer which enables the panel to retain its outstanding levels of strength and resistibility.